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generation and distribution utilising energy storage


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With energy storage you can reduce your

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Qbots uses advanced optimisation models

learning algorithms and predictive analytics

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Our Projects

Commercial Buildings

QBots helps non-domestic customers with high energy usage to maximise the benefits they can get from energy storage.

Smart City Projects

See how QBots is helping cities become energy independent, while driving up efficiency through data analytics.

Renewable Microgrids

QBots makes renewables based local generation and distribution possible by utilising energy storage.

Why Qbots?

Result oriented service focussed on delivering value for clients

Marketing leading optimisation model and algorithms for Design & Operation of energy storage systems


Our Services

Qbots Platform

QBOTS platform automates energy management utilising advanced optimisation models and learning algorithms, with a multi-vector approach get the most out of using energy storage

Battery Storage

Reduce energy bills through peak demand shifting, non-commodity charge reduction and also earn revenues through Demand Side Response (DSR) mechanism

Solar PV with Storage

Increase self-consumption and move toward energy independence with solar plus energy storage solutions, get more value for the energy generated by exporting at peak times

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See how you can reap the benefits of battery storage

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