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By joining the QEnergy™ marketplace customers get a dynamic energy tariff together with automated energy management, delivering up to 30% reduction in energy costs. The system collects and analyses real-time energy supply costs and reacts to the trading opportunities by utilising local assets to minimise cost and maximise revenue.

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Benefits of joining the marketplace include

  • Access to cheaper energy tariffs
  • Higher income for renewable generators
  • Better rewards for battery storage & shifting energy usage

Who is it for?

  • Half-hourly & smart metered prosumers 
  • Set user preferences including location, type of energy, risk
  • Individual sites, campuses, city regions

Benefits for Energy supplier partner

  • New customers gained through flexible time-of-use tariffs and added value services
  • Increased retention rate of current customers through smart dashboard with recommendations for improving efficiency & carbon emissions
  • Lower operational costs through better demand prediction, access to flexibility from customer sites, reduced imbalance costs

Other benefits of the platform include,

  • Improved comfort & customer experience
  • Breakdown & analysis of energy usage by device
  • Extra income by providing smart services to the energy markets
  • Recommendations for energy efficiency measures including quick wins
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