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Innovate-UK Led Project NICE – Addresses Energy Poverty in Nigeria

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The race to reform our energy systems is more urgent than ever, and relies on innovative and collaborative action. Qbots Energy, Manchester Metropolitan University and VAYA Energy Solutions, have been working together in the UK and Nigeria to pilot a local energy system, with funding from the Department of International Development through Innovate UK. 

Problem being tackled:(Current Situation in Nigeria)

Nigeria’s electricity access rate stood at less than 60% in 2015, with the government aiming for 90% access by 2030.1 Typically people in Nigeria experience upto 10 power outages per day. Expensive, polluting diesel generators are commonly used as a back-up for the regular power outages. Usually in households, the power would often stay out for hours. No one knows how long power outages will last—they can be as short as 30 seconds and as long as three days.

How we solve it

The project NICE(Nigeria Intelligent Clean Energy) will address the energy trilemma in Nigeria – access, cost and carbon emissions – using local energy trading to balance supply and demand locally and encourage the uptake of renewable technology. With the cost of renewable generation decreasing, there is a huge opportunity for smart energy management to help in decarbonising the grid, while improving security of supply and keeping down costs. Project NICE will aim to deploy solar and battery in a school in Nigeria and also in 10 houses from the neighbouring community. This set-up will help trial Qbots Energy’s local energy trading platform which if proven successful, will be deployed in a wider scale helping the Nigerian community.

The project will analyse the commercial viability of the QEnergy system to be established nationwide after its completion by end of July. QEnergy will look to rethink the way energy is being perceived as and traded in Nigeria. Providing Nigeria with a quality energy supply will be the root of development in the region and enable growth and prosperity to the country.

Roles of partners

Qbots Energy is a Manchester-based digital energy services company founded in 2018. The QEnergy platform can optimise the use of renewable generation and battery storage to balance local supply and demand, and reduce energy costs to consumers. VAYA Energy Solutions is a renewable energy company in Nigeria specialising in solar generation. In this project, VAYA are installing solar panels and battery storage at a school near Abuja, and in the nearby community, which will be connected to the Q Energy platform. This will manage the buying and selling of electricity between participants to reduce the frequency of blackouts, and the cost of energy bills. Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU), with expertise in smart infrastructure and peer-to-peer trading, will simulate the system to test and optimise the outcomes.

Qbots Energy is looking to revolutionise the way energy is being traded to play an integral part in achieving Net-Zero and saving energy cost. Today, Qbots Energy leads multiple grand-scale commercialised projects to lead the UK to this ambitious target. The seamless integration of this energy management and recommendation system with the energy contracts through QEnergy™ makes it easier for consumers and prosumers alike to spend less time while having a fair contribution in the goal towards a better world for everyone.

If you are interested to know more details, 

Contact Jevin Mathew – Project Manager ( for more information.

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