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Getting your money’s worth from your solar investment?

Q-Store: Energy Storage Solution is an effective way to offset peak demand, save on electricity purchased and better manage the delivery and flow of electricity. Our reliable and safe energy storage technology stores a large amount of electricity  in reserve and releases it when your variable electricity rate  is at its highest.

With most utility companies implementing a time-of-use tariff, allowing them to charge different amounts for electricity at different times of the day, electricity prices are now at a premium during peak periods. Q-Store Solution charges power during off-peak times, and discharges during peak hours, shifting the load to low-cost times of day  and significantly cutting your expenditure.

How Energy Storage can help your business:

  • Power your business around the clock
  • Keep mission-critical systems running at all times
  • Store energy at times of high demand/rate and reduce your peak time electricity charges
  • Generate additional revenue through offering demand-side response service
  • Control your energy costs without having to change a thing about your daily business operations
  • Protect yourself against rises in energy prices

The range of revenue streams that are potentially available makes it possible to put together a diverse range of potential business models for BTM storage. QBots will look to take advantage of a combination of EFR or FFR with arbitrage and Triad avoidance for its clients. However, there is no single BTM business model that will suit all customers and it is not necessarily the case that provision of ancillary services is required for the investment case to stack up.  In some cases, the value of arbitrage and triad avoidance alone may be sufficient to justify investment, especially for energy intensive users. Each of these different revenue streams have differing dependencies and QBots will understand the circumstances under which these can be secured while making the business case.