Renewable Microgrids

We closely work with our partners to deliver a Solar PV farms with large scale battery storage projects. With QBots platform we would manage these renewable micro-grids to power housing estates or business parks or new developments.

We help connecting the system to the local distribution networks across UK and work with demand-side aggregators to manage its day-to-day operation to optimise performance and maximise value.

Unlocking value from battery storage

The system will make money in two ways: time of use discharging, which involves storing electricity generated during periods of low demand and releasing it when demand peaks, and Firm Frequency Response (FFR), which involves the battery automatically charging and discharging to help balance electricity supply and demand second-by-second.

The system will benefit from the solar PV plant’s export capacity but additional grid import would be needed so that the system could still participate in FFR when the solar PV plant was not generating power.

A smart control strategy

QBots will work closely to seamlessly integrate Q-Store battery solution along with aggregators. After a period of testing, QBots will apply machine learning and designed state of charge management techniques to deliver a control strategy which understands and responds to fluctuations in solar PV generation and electricity supply and demand to maximise revenues and minimise wear and tear.

This kind of smart flexibility is vital to support greater levels of renewable generation and the success of such projects demonstrates the role of energy storage in delivering secure, low carbon power to the UK.

We have ambitious deployment targets with consented sites ready for construction.