Qbots Platform

The QBots platform follows the highest performance and safety standards. As a result, deployed systems to have 99.9 percent up time. With storage available on demand, Customers can maximise the system’s lifetime return on investment. QBots will aim to provide full lifecycle support from design and integration to deployment and management so all systems achieve optimal results.

QBots aims to design and develop the world’s most advanced energy storage systems. From behind-the-meter to micro-grid solutions, the QBots platform will enable effective and efficient delivery of stable power with unsurpassed performance and profitability.

The traditional approach for managing storage assets is to deploy a plant controller that interacts with the batteries and a power control system (PCS) layered on top of the battery management system (BMS). QBots utilises a software-based plant controller that interacts directly with the battery, the PCS and the BMS. Benefits include:

  • Battery Optimization – Being tightly integrated with the BMS to leverage QBots battery optimization algorithms-extending the life of the system
  • Revenue-Stacking – Generating multiple revenue streams by stacking applications, dynamically adjusting based on market conditions and adapting to regulatory changes
  • Future-Proofing – Leveraging software-based intelligence, enabling modifications as applications and conditions evolve
  • Fleet Management – Ability to integrate multiple battery assets into a consolidated management tool.