Solar PV with Storage

Q-Gen offers Solar PV systems that deliver high efficiencies at lower costs. With the new changing landscape of reduced feed-in-tariffs and increasing non-commodity charges of buying energy from the grid, new solar and storage systems could be the way for the future of solar installations. For the relatively low rate of commercial rooftop installations to date, there is the challenge of making a robust long-term business case as the sector moves into a post-subsidy environment.

We work with our manufacturer partner who leads the solar panel market in Asia pacific region, utilising advanced materials in the solar panels for higher efficiencies. Based in Shanghai, Malaysia, Haian with projects worldwide. Highest conversion efficiency of 25% has been recorded in Nov,  2015.

With self-consumption and demand charge reduction being the main objective, new solar panel materials with higher efficiencies could take off. Battery storage systems had traditionally been considered too expensive to be commercially viable as a component of a solar PV system. WIth reduced costs of energy storage technology (about 70% in last 2 years) and advancement in solar panel materials, means that in the right scenario battery-based storage can be economically viable.

Panels using Copper Indium Gallium Selenide (CIGS) and Cadmium Telluride (CdTe) PV panels would be used in the Q-Gen system. QGen will be deployed with QBots software which controls the storage and having being validated in the testing facility in the University of Exeter (UoE).

With Q-Gen we build  an ideal package for businesses with a load of 70 KW and above. One of the main components will be the QBots platform with control algorithms which will optimise the system and deliver savings for business. QBots energy management software will enable to perform other functions, such as the provision of ancillary services to the grid, demand side response and enhanced frequency response. These opportunities could provide additional revenue streams.